“Wash for changing the world” by AITO KITAZAKI

The meaning of Japanese writing on the right in this piece is “Wash for changing the world”. He is washing Japan/日本 for clean it up. Because, In Japan society centeredon people with wealth and power only and there is no hope for young people who can not have them.


Interview with Aito Kitazaki a JAPANESE MANGA STREET ARTIST – 20-06-2020 I think that the role of street art is like a loudspeaker that conveys the thoughts and messages that should be delivered to the world. No matter how dishonest the visible world is, I think the message of Street Art should always be pure and honest.

“Ixtaltepec mural” by OSCAR AXO

The intervention was carried out on a very significant wall for the inhabitants of the area, since it was one of the few walls that were intact after the earthquakes. The act of painting the image of a woman with symbols of her culture in this space, made the work a source of pride and community resistance. From the first moment, the neighbors volunteered for the project.


Interview with Oscar AXO – June 2020
I think I would define myself as someone who likes to invoke freedom and lightness in the public space, as a response to the heaviness of everyday life. For this I resort to the dream and the mystical visions of the original peoples of Mexico (I am part of the Mixtec community, an indigenous people of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico) that animate the lives of my characters and their stories.

“SOS Cabezos” by WILD WELVA

This concrete natural spot is located in the heart of my city. We are talking about “Cabezos”, a kind of solidified sand mountains; a very interesting, unique and wild geographic accident that is full of life. We used to have many in the city but they are disappearing little by little.


Interview with WILD WELVA. April 2020.
I define myself as an artist who interacts with the city and the landscape. As for my projects, I love to rescue damage and forgotten places through street art and wild life.


Interview with MRKAS. May 2020.
Visually I like the idea of deconstructing an image and turning it into something mine, creating 3D effects, abstract patterns or anamorphic shapes all in a photorealistic technique.


Interview with Spidertag!
Illegal art sounds very bad as a concept for a modern society. But it’s also cool that Street Art expands the limits of what is legal and what is not. The illegality is also a good fuel to be active and fresh in terms of creativity.


Interview with Yves Paradis. Animation allowed me to express my interest for acting and giving life to inanimate things. And since my animation work is mainly done digitally, street art helps me to reconnect with the analogue way of creating while being outside.


Interview with Eddie Colla. He explains how he gets inspired, how he trives and what does street art represent for him in this changing world.


Interview avec l’artiste.
L’équipe Street Art In Action a eu la chance d’interviewer Saype en juin et de lui poser des questions sur sa vie d’artiste, sur ses nouveaux projets et plus particulièrement sur “Message of the future”, un projet qui eu énormément d’impact dans le monde et qui lui permit de faire partie des 30 personnalités culturelles de moins de 30 ans les plus influentes en 2019.

“Velokhaya” by Boa Mistura

Entrevista con BOAMISTURA sobre su primer proyecto colaborativo que realizó en 2011 en Ciudad del Cabo, en Khayelitsha, un poblado de 400.000 habitantes en el que vive mucha gente en condiciones muy difíciles.

“About this town” by ARTEZ

“Mural nos cuenta la historia de Madrid, un lugar donde los visitantes de todo el mundo son bienvenidos a disfrutar del vívido contenido artístico y cultural que ofrece esta ciudad. Ubicado en el centro de la ciudad, este mural contrasta con la calle comercial peatonal en la que se encuentra. ¡En lugar de llevar bolsas de la compra, la niña representada en el mural sostiene un montón de libros importantes para la historia y la cultura de la ciudad, y una planta con una pequeña pajarera que invita a todas las “aves” a venir y sentirse como en casa! “

“Hope” by MRKAS

“Hope” was painted in a bomb shelter in Israel and it represents a child inside the bomb shelter looking up with expressive eyes looking up to the sky with the hope that rockets don’t come again.