EDDIE’s Interview – 06-04-2020

1- How do you define yourself? How do you define your projects?

I’m an artist. As for my projects, I prefer not to define them. The viewer can define them as they see fit.

2- How did you start working on street art?

I was always more interested in putting work in public places than in galleries. There was work I wanted to make and wanted to present to an audience, however at the time I was not interested in courting galleries or institutions. So I simply put the work where the people were.

3- Where do you find the inspiration to create your projects? Are they modifiers of urban space?

It can come from anything, a phrase someone said in a conversation, something you read. A film, an experience. Just the act of living and experiencing things. I don’t think my inspirations come from one particular aspect of life. They mostly reflect ideas that I have a hard time resolving. So I continue to repeatedly examine them.

05-2018 – Eddie Colla – Photo taken by @welcometothestreet1 in Paris near Le Centre Pompidou

4- What does Street Art represent for you in this constantly changing world?

A glimmer of freedom. Something that is still unregulated. There is no criteria or qualifications necessary. Just the will to go out and do it. It’s a very simple pleasure.

5- Do you think Street Art should be legal or should it continue to be a form of art pursued by the police? Have you ever had problems?

I’m not sure it should be legal or illegal. I prefer a sort of democracy. In other words, there should be some discretion. If a community likes a piece perhaps it will last, if they don’t perhaps they will remove it immediately. It’s a big part of how it functions in an urban environment. Urban spaces that are over regulated are usually quite sterile and uninteresting. Also spaces that are completely void of rules are usually a bit of a shit show. Somewhere in between there is the making of a thriving city.

6- How long does it usually take to prepare each project?

Some things go from an idea to being on the street in a few hours, others might take a week. It really depends on the piece.

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