«Interactive Neon Mural #4 » by SPIDERTAG

SPIDERTAG Interview – 2-05-2020

«In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic«

Name of the Street Art piece that has modified the urban space: Interactive Neon Mural #4

Location : Montreal, Canada – 24 Mont Royal St. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Festival: MURAL Festival

Year : 2019

This nocturnal art piece measuring 27 meters (88 feet) high by 14 meters (45 feet) wide unveils a stunning figure every night from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm.

1- If you had to choose a Street Art piece that you created, as a transformation of the urban space, which one would you choose? How does this Street Art piece denote urban space metamorphosis?

When I think of big murals, I’m always looking to do a landmark project for the city. Something fresh, new that can modify in a good way the surroundings. Something that makes people walk specifically to see the mural or I imagine that a person is walking and found the mural and stared as if the person was hypnotized by the art. 

Interactive Neon Mural #4 – Montreal, Canada – Mural Festival – 2019Spidertag

2- Why did you make this Street Art piece in this urban space? Was it the town hall or the property owner who authorized or asked you to create it? Can we consider this work as illegal/vandalism or legal, what is your criteria?

A mural for a festival is a legal Street Art piece. Even-thought I had to fight in many ways against the owners of the building with the organizers-producers of the festival, cause sometimes the property owner only wants a mural to make profit of his land, they don’t care about art, it just a way to gentrify the neighborhood. 

Interactive Neon Mural #4 – Montreal, Canada – Mural Festival – 2019Spidertag

3- What is the message you want to communicate through this Street Art piece? Is it related to the urban space where you did it?

In my case its not exactly about a message. Its more about the immersive experience and the possibility of interaction as a new way of street art. 

4- How was this work integrated into the urban space? What was the interaction that the inhabitants of this city had with your project? Did they participate in its creation?

Interaction is a very important part of my murals. I love to see people downloading the APP to play with the mural. Some people also wrote me to tell that I modify their area, that I made it happier…

Interactive Neon Mural #4 – Montreal, Canada – Mural Festival – 2019Spidertag

5-Do you think it is important that the inhabitants of the place participate during the production of your work and that they become modifying artists of the urban space or do you prefer to carry out your projects alone without anyone seeing you?

I like to talk with people. I like to hear their stories, there is always a conversation to carry with me as memories of the city. In terms of the artwork, I’m not this kind of artist who paints, for example, the local people or so..

Interactive Neon Mural #4 – Montreal, Canada – Mural Festival – 2019Spidertag

6- According to you, what is the criteria that determines your Street Art work modifies the urban space and why is your work considered aesthetically well done?

The perfect shining during the night and the perfect composition with the building. 

7-What is the “historical future” of your work? Should we take care of it, preserve it and repaint it as if it were a museum’s piece of art? Or should it be allowed to age with the city itself?

My murals, with the correct maintenance, can be eternal. Cities expand, modify themselves, and I hope that my works remain a reflection of an era.

If humanity disappears or abandons the Earth after exhausting it, perhaps some mural of mine will be rediscovered in future terrestrial expeditions by some despised historian who is seeking to know what life was like on that lost planet called Planet Earth.

Interactive Neon Mural #4 – Montreal, Canada – Mural Festival – 2019Spidertag

8- How does your work add value to the urban space in which it is produced?

I hope that most of the street art add value to the urban space. Value in good terms, to make the streets more interesting, not more expensive, rise up the renting rates of make the air more expensive or the cafes more exclusives. 

9- What were the difficulties that you encountered during the completion of your work modifying the urban space?

Every wall is different. Its has different DNA so in technical terms it requires different materials to solve the problems of every wall. I work always with a team to create the big murals, so we work together facing all the situations. Its stressful but also when we finished, its the maximum expression of happiness. 

Interactive Neon Mural #4 – Montreal, Canada – Mural Festival – 2019Spidertag

10- Why is urban art important to modify the urban space? What sort of projects are you planning to do in the future ?

Art, -creativity in general- are good ways to feel the cities. Street art is also good in the way that democratize the art, cause its free and in the streets, not confined in a gallery or museum. Probably will also jump from the streets to the digital world, witch could be the new street in the digitals streets…


I’m writing all this in the exact moment of quarantine due to Covid-19. I’m confined since 1 month ago. This year supposed to be the greatest year of my life, with a lot of great projects to do all over the world. And from the perspective of today, everything looks very obscure. I wish the world can re-start in a better way, that can take a new good direction. I don’t want to live in a modern -5G- version of Middle Ages. Hope I can help to illuminate the world again. 

Interview conducted by Art Bill – journalist and owner of Street Art In Action.

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