«Hope» by MRKAS

MRKAS Interview – 15-05-2020

Name of the Street Art piece that has modified the urban space:“Hope”

Location : Sderot, Israel.

Year : 2019

1- If you had to choose a Street Art piece that you created, as a transformation of the urban space, which one would you choose? How does this Street Art piece denote urban space metamorphosis?

“Hope” was painted in a bomb shelter in Israel and it represents a child inside the bomb shelter looking up with expressive eyes looking up to the sky with the hope that rockets don’t come again.

«Hope» 2019 – Photo provided by MRKAS

2- Why did you make this Street Art piece in this urban space? Was it the town hall or the property owner who authorized or asked you to create it? Can we consider this work as illegal/vandalism or legal, what is your criteria?

I was invited by an Artist for Israel in partnership with Israel town wall and of course this is a legal wall.

«Hope» 2019 – Photo provided by MRKAS

3- What is the message you want to communicate through this Street Art piece? Is it related to the urban space where you did it?

The message is to remember that our children’s are the future of the world and that we should protect them from war, religion independence, color, country, goverment.

«Hope» 2019 – Photo provided by MRKAS

7-What is the “historical future” of your work? Should we take care of it, preserve it and repaint it as if it were a museum’s piece of art? Or should it be allowed to age with the city itself?

No I don’t need to take care of it because I don’t like that someone touch my artwork and in the same way that I will never touch others artworks. 

MRKAS painting his wall «Hope» 2019 – Photo provided by MRKAS

9- What were the difficulties that you encountered during the completion of your work modifying the urban space?

Probably the weather is the biggest challenge because sometimes you can paint with 40 degrees in Dubai or – 1 degrees in Finland and is also very important your physical health to support all of this.

10- Why is urban art important to modify the urban space? What sort of projects are you planning to do in the future ?

It’s very  important because first of all it is done by artists and comes from the heart to pass one message to all kind of people no matter what their status, religion , age is. Street art can change and make someone look for something in a different way or make a better day for someone or just inspire others.

It’s completely different from as an example the usual advertizings influencing consumerism.

At moment with all this invisible war, the majority of my events and my clients are in stand by and some of them have been already cancelled but let’s have «HOPE» and fight everyday to back to normality and back again to travel and work.

At moment I am preparing my first solo show for 2021 in Paris. 🇫🇷

Thanks for reading and I hope this invisible war finish soon and after that all of us look for our planet with different eyes and bring something positive for the nature, health and human relations. 👀🌍🌏🌎


Interview conducted by Art Bill – journalist and owner of Street Art In Action.

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