«Love» by Alex Senna

Alex Senna Interview about his project «Love» – 22-07-2021

Name of the Street Art piece that has modified the urban space: Love

Location : Odintsovo, Russia – Festival @urbanmorphogenesis

Year : 2019

1- If you had to choose a Street Art piece that you created, as a transformation of the urban space, which one would you choose? How does this Street Art piece denote urban space metamorphosis?

This one made in russia, i believe it transform the urban space, in the middle of odintsovo, a russian town, this couple reveal their love to everybody, so everyone can see it. 

Alex Senna – «Love» @alexsenna https://www.instagram.com/alexsenna/

2- Why did you make this Street Art piece in this urban space? Was it the town hall or the property owner who authorized or asked you to create it? Can we consider this work as illegal/vandalism or legal, what is your criteria?

The scale, the propor6on were perfect to do it. It was organized by a fes6val called urban morphogenesis based in russia. Its a legal wall, since it was for a fes6val. 

3- What is the message you want to communicate through this Street Art piece? Is it related to the urban space where you did it?

The message is simple: Love. Theres no way to say more. 

Alex Senna – «Love» @alexsenna https://www.instagram.com/alexsenna/

4- How was this work integrated into the urban space? What was the interaction that the inhabitants of this city had with your project? Did they participate in its creation?

People love, some hate it. But i guess most people like it. Since it was a big one, and i didnt speak their language, they communicate with me through different ways, like food, or even clothes. It was a warm recep6on. 

5- Do you think it is important that the local people participate during the production of your work and that they become artists modifying the urban space or do you prefer to carry out your projects alone without anyone seeing you?

It depends of the project, when its something for the community its important to people to be part of it. But some6mes, alone is the only way you gonna make it. 

Alex Senna – «Love» @alexsenna https://www.instagram.com/alexsenna/

6- According to you, what is the criteria that determines your Street Art work modifies the urban space and why is your work considered aesthetically well done?

It modifies cause it comes with a message, always. I dont know about the second ques6on, i draw since i was a baby, so i have been developing for a long 6me now. 

7-What is the “historical future” of your work? Should we take care of it, preserve it and repaint it as if it were a museum’s piece of art? Or should it be allowed to age with the city itself?

Street art is ephemeral, as graffi6. Murals can last, and i hope they will. It becomes part of that space, at least visually. It depends of each project and how it´s done. 

Alex Senna – «Love» @alexsenna https://www.instagram.com/alexsenna/

8- How does your work add value to the urban space in which it is produced?

I dont know how to respond that. Gentrification can be a problem. 

9- What were the difficulties that you encountered during the completion of your work modifying the urban space?

Several, some6mes sick, sometimes without help, police, infra structure problems, there’s a bunch of different stuff that happens all the time. 

10- Why is urban art important to modify the urban space? What sort of projects are you planning to do in the future ?

Urban art has the power to change, revitalize, and most important of all ,ques6on different behavior and situa6ons that we live. 

Interview conducted by Art Bill – journalist and owner of Street Art In Action.

RRSS OF Alex Senna : Instagram

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