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No Title Interview – 7- 08-2021

1- How do you define yourself? How do you define your projects?

I am a mural artist based in Denmark. I work in a minimalist style with simple color schemes and symmetrical, ornamental designs. These days my work gravitates towards large murals attempting to transform the space they inhabit. I mostly work with mural projects that require an elaborate kind of planning and execution than the smaller scale street pieces, but I like doing both. I try to find my own place as an artist within the long tradition of mural art while drawing on many sources of inspiration in nature as well as art forms like graphic design and illustration.

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2- How did you start working on street art?

For me it always seemed easier to work on walls because I struggled to see the point in producing art objects which have no links to specific places. I was attracted to painting walls because of the way murals become an integrated part of a building or space. In the early nineties I would paint a lot of walls at people’s houses – and for some reason they would give me full artistic freedom.  Later I started working outdoors which gave me a whole new level of possibilities to interact with the people in those spaces.

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3- Where do you find the inspiration to create your projects? Are they modifiers of urban space?

I often start with the things I see around me – for example a shape or structure in nature that interests me. My creative process consists of a long and winding sequence of improvisations and associations, working and reworking images to see where they take me. In the final stages I want to remove all unnecessary details to find a simple yet ambiguous expression that can give passersby something to work with.

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4- What does Street Art represent for you in this constantly changing world?

For me mural painting is a way to see and change the world around me and to communicate with people directly. Especially in Scandinavian cities, I am perplexed by the way the city space is regulated so heavily to become extremely bland and polished. Most cities are in dire need of any kind of artistic intervention.

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5- Do you think Street Art should be legal or should it continue to be a form of art pursued by the police? Have you ever had problems?

I think that street art has developed into a multitude of different things, so for me the question is not either-or. I see the illegal variants of street art as a vital way of throwing a wrench into the status quo of heavily regulated city spaces and an important counterweight to a self-absorbed academic art world. On the other hand, it is hard for me to see how complex large scale murals can be possible without long term planning, dialogue with building owners and municipal permissions. Both strategies have their time and place. The vast majority of my work is legal.

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6- How long does it usually take to prepare each project?

My projects can take a few weeks or several months to plan depending on the size of the mural.

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 Interview conducted by Art Bill – journalist and owner of Street Art In Action.

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