Damien Mauro Interview – 7- 09-2021

1- How do you define yourself? How do you define your projects?

I’m Damien Mauro aka Goddog. I have 37 years, I live in Avignon, in the South of France. It’s a walled city where the light and the colours of Provence are really inspirational. 

My work is very grafical. I play with forms and colours. My influences are ethnic and architectural. I like the primitive art and the modern painters: Matisse, Fernand Léger, Picasso, etc. 

Damien Mauro @goddog https://www.instagram.com/goddog/

2- How did you start working on street art?

I’m living on painting since 8 years. I started graffitis at 16 years. I was a writer and after I interested at the painting as a whole. 

Damien Mauro @goddog https://www.instagram.com/goddog/

3- Where do you find the inspiration to create your projects? Are they modifiers of urban space?

To create my projects I find the inspiration in my travel and the culture of each country. My inspiration comes from the different languages and alphabet like hieroglyphe and cyrilic writing. 

I create my projects related to the urban space to find a balance and harmony. 

Damien Mauro @goddog https://www.instagram.com/goddog/

4- What does Street Art represent for you in this constantly changing world?

Street-art at the beginning was the representation of activism and freedom. Nowaday, the movement has become democratized and it’s a good thing to find art in public places. 

5- Do you think Street Art should be legal or should it continue to be a form of art pursued by the police? Have you ever had problems?

The crucial issue is the appropriation of public space. We live in a society, we can take part in it I think. Teenager, when I practiced graffiti I had trouble with the police. Now it’s over, I practice my art differently. 

6- How long does it usually take to prepare each project?

It depend of each project, but I need around 1 week to create some art project. In advance need to see the place the architecture, the culture of the city and now his history. 

 Interview conducted by Art Bill – journalist and owner of Street Art In Action.

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