La dame qui colle Interview – 11- 03-2022

1- How do you define yourself? How do you define your projects?

I am an artist committed to the survival of the planet and the place for all way of thinking. I chose to defend the place of women in town centers. Considering that at least 50% of the population (female) is not comfortable in the urban space. I draw women that I stick on the walls to mark their presence and their protection.

2- How did you start working on street art?

I started to put my drawings in the street during the 3rd French confinement. The streets were quieter than ever and it was during this period that it seemed important to me to defend our party returns. These portraits of women are there to mark out, protect our way in the no man’s land
of cities.

3- Where do you find the inspiration to create your projects? Are they modifiers of urban space?

I have met a lot of people with whom I have spoken about the insecurity due to virilism and street harassment. Some of these people have become my role models. They pose to protect us or tell us the story of how they defended themselves. For me, my work changes the space of the street. These portraits are becoming a presence in certain neighborhoods. These portraits also offer another way of seeing the image of women in the street. Nothing to do with advertising or street art showing sexualized women. (duck face, breasts forward, seductive looks).

4- What does Street Art represent for you in this constantly changing world?

I have the impression that the walls have become the pages of a newspaper. We can express ourselves, communicate on what seems important to us. The art of museums is reduced to what can be bought. Street art is not there to be bought but to denounce or share or color the world.

5- Do you think Street Art should be legal or should it continue to be a form of art pursued by the police? Have you ever had problems?

I never had any problems. Gluing is not too forbidden. I chose the paste-up so as not to deteriorate. but I sometimes feel that some of my remarks will be made in painting and therefore more indelible, precisely to force the limits.

I think street art must remain free. Forbidden or facilitated by cities but nothing should regulate it.

6- How long does it usually take to prepare each project?

a project = a portrait = a meeting + 15 hours of drawing + 5 hours of preparation + 5

minutes of collage = around 20 hours

 Interview conducted by Art Bill – journalist and owner of Street Art In Action.

«Portrait 4#»

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