ALEX FACE Interview – 21- 07-2022

1- How do you define yourself? How do you define your projects?

I consider myself both a painter and a street artist; I like to spray paint on public walls, but I also like to experiment and work with other mediums such as oil painting, acrylic, and other techniques. Actually, I like working alone in the studio as much as I enjoy going out and meeting random people on the streets and getting to know their thoughts and opinions on my work. I think most of my work addresses social events and concerns about the future, with my medium being my character.


2- How did you start working on street art?

It started when I was in college, the year was 2002 and I was heavily interested in American pop culture like hip hop music, skateboarding and graffiti, a medium which I thought seemed pretty fun to me. So after I discovered the spray can, I would go on to do some simple tagging of my name on walls and discovering new things along the way like different fonts, new techniques and all that just motivated me to continue working with walls.

3- Where do you find the inspiration to create your projects? Are they modifiers of urban space?

In the early stages of my work, I just wanted to shout out my name and show the world that I existed, I wanted people to see my work everywhere they went. After a while, I started painting my character, which was basically my face at the time and each time I did I always tried to find interesting elements of the city to play with.  I was always finding ways to blend my characters, tags, and murals into the urban landscape, trying my best to bring the two worlds together. In the later phases, my inspiration started coming from events that touched me personally, political events, impressionism, the river that flows through Bangkok, and so on and so forth. Personally, I think that street art is something that gets people moving. It can attract people to a place which would normally be abandoned or forgotten, and I think there’s beauty in that.

4- What does Street Art represent for you in this constantly changing world?

To me, street art hasn’t changed since it’s beginning, and it will stay that way. On the surfaces of walls, in forgotten alleyways, and the cracks in the streets. Instead of changing with the world, it will tell you about it, from a witnesses viewpoint.

5- Do you think Street Art should be legal or should it continue to be a form of art pursued by the police? Have you ever had problems?

When I first started spray painting, I think one of the charms to it is the fact that it was not exactly legal, it made me feel free; free from borders, restriction of thinking, and even the law. Honestly, this form of art being outlawed is somewhat natural, and in some ways draws more attention to the art itself. But, of course, there are people who don’t really appreciate this form of art, and it can sometimes lead to problems. The problems could be being pursued by law, and having abuse thrown at you by people with a negative opinion about the things I do. I’ve also encountered problems such as these before, and it once got so bad, I had to relocate in one night. But frankly, street art being illegal has some reason to it, I admit, if it wasn’t for the dramatic punishments dished out to writers. That’s kinda why I choose to do both the exciting work of going out to find a fresh new wall to paint and participated in the art project which I won’t be challenged by my nerves and time.

6- How long does it usually take to prepare each project?

It depends on how detailed the project is but usually I start out with an idea that makes me want to go out and paint, and from there on I would do a sketch before actually doing it, all this is usually done in a day’s work. For bigger projects, though it is another story. I would have to spend more time developing each idea and more research would have to be done before arranging a wall and getting my hands dirty.

 Interview conducted by Art Bill – journalist and owner of Street Art In Action.


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