«Amor de Barrio (Neighborhood Love)» by Tato Repetto

Amor de barrio; this work gives beauty to one of the most mythical streets of one of the most representative neighborhoods of Madrid, it was made for the festivities of the Paloma of the year 2022, It was a special Ito for these typical festivities as it made the people of the neighborhood feel represented with the work starring the chupalos, typical dancers of chotis madrileño. This street now tells a story. 


Interview with TATO REPETTO – «I define myself as a person curious about images, objects and music that I like to hybridize techniques such as street art, graphic design, graffiti and illustration. 

My projects arise from connecting the language I use with the needs of brands, restaurants, hotels, bars to create atmospheres in which people experience different sensations.»

«Line» by Alex Face

I think my favorite example would be my project in Yala province located in the south of Thailand, due to the fact that it is one of the three border provinces that are classified as conflict-affected area. In the span of twenty years Yala has faced shootings, bombings, and other disruptions which made the city had less and less community’s activity every year. When I had my project there I could see that my artwork could make a little change in the atmosphere and get people out of their homes to hang out, participate in conversations and so on.


Interview with ALEX FACE – «I consider myself both a painter and a street artist; I like to spray paint on public walls, but I also like to experiment and work with other mediums such as oil painting, acrylic, and other techniques. Actually, I like working alone in the studio as much as I enjoy going out and meeting random people on the streets and getting to know their thoughts and opinions on my work. I think most of my work addresses social events and concerns about the future, with my medium being my character.»

«Desde el barrio al cielo» by Jay Kaes

The piece I will choose is “Desde el barrio al Cielo” and it was painted in a small neighbourhood of Patras city in Greece. I painted a kid jumping in a puddle in the wall next to a playground so maybe it extended the playground area to the citizens making the area a bit more fun.


Interview with Jay Kaes – «I’m an artist who has the world as a canvas and seeks to give something positive back to society while expressing myself painting on the streets. My projects want to make people ask questions and inspire good changes.»

«Portrait 4#» by La dame qui colle

I chose the 4 # portrait. Drawing of a woman who falls and seems to get up. It is human-sized, it marks the existence of a woman in this place, in this street. It is a trompe l’oeil of reality. My job is to make people believe that the person is there and exists at that moment.
• To transform the space or to show what you cannot see there.


Interview with La dame qui colle – «I am an artist committed to the survival of the planet and the place for all way of thinking. I chose to defend the place of women in town centers. Considering that at least 50% of the population (female) is not comfortable in the urban space. I draw women that I stick on the walls to mark their presence and their protection.»


Interview with Maximiliano Bangnasco – «I am an artist who works in many variations into the art. Today they know my work of realism. I am an artist of realism, but I do not like to copy photos, I always put my personal touch on it.»