Interview with TATO REPETTO – «I define myself as a person curious about images, objects and music that I like to hybridize techniques such as street art, graphic design, graffiti and illustration. 

My projects arise from connecting the language I use with the needs of brands, restaurants, hotels, bars to create atmospheres in which people experience different sensations.»


Interview with ALEX FACE – «I consider myself both a painter and a street artist; I like to spray paint on public walls, but I also like to experiment and work with other mediums such as oil painting, acrylic, and other techniques. Actually, I like working alone in the studio as much as I enjoy going out and meeting random people on the streets and getting to know their thoughts and opinions on my work. I think most of my work addresses social events and concerns about the future, with my medium being my character.»


Interview with Jay Kaes – «I’m an artist who has the world as a canvas and seeks to give something positive back to society while expressing myself painting on the streets. My projects want to make people ask questions and inspire good changes.»


Interview with La dame qui colle – «I am an artist committed to the survival of the planet and the place for all way of thinking. I chose to defend the place of women in town centers. Considering that at least 50% of the population (female) is not comfortable in the urban space. I draw women that I stick on the walls to mark their presence and their protection.»


Interview with Maximiliano Bangnasco – «I am an artist who works in many variations into the art. Today they know my work of realism. I am an artist of realism, but I do not like to copy photos, I always put my personal touch on it.»


Interview with Lara Padilla – «The alias Sra.D (Ms. X) stands as a complaint against the loss of identity of women upon marriage, automatically leaving their surname to acquire their husbands. It;s
something that happens in many countries, establishing itself as something implicit
in marriage. Through my work, Ms. X seeks to represent all those women who seek emancipation. Nobody;s women.»


Interview with D.Largo – «I am a very mental person who is always in search of new formulas, I am very in touch with my spiritual dimension. My projects have to do with my internal dimension, with worlds parallel to ours, they always deal with the most internal dimensions of the human.»


Interview with Oblique – «I am Romain L. aka Oblique, I live in Toulouse in the South of France. I’m a graffiti artist that I have been practicing for over 20 years. I have taken a new direction for 3 years now with my artistic project “oblique “ which revolves around post graffiti, graphical and abstract art.»


Interview with Erb Mon – «I wrote with encrypted languages on the walls in an illegal way, I was very influenced by Futurism and I liked to paint in the midst of destruction, of the abandoned.»


Interview with Grupo Sismo – «I like to think about every part of the process, from the color palette and climates, to what story as a game, each character has that I can paint. I like to see all my projects as a challenge, an opportunity to challenge myself in something and break with some idea or limit.»