«Amor de Barrio (Neighborhood Love)» by Tato Repetto

Amor de barrio; this work gives beauty to one of the most mythical streets of one of the most representative neighborhoods of Madrid, it was made for the festivities of the Paloma of the year 2022, It was a special Ito for these typical festivities as it made the people of the neighborhood feel represented with the work starring the chupalos, typical dancers of chotis madrileño. This street now tells a story. 

«Line» by Alex Face

I think my favorite example would be my project in Yala province located in the south of Thailand, due to the fact that it is one of the three border provinces that are classified as conflict-affected area. In the span of twenty years Yala has faced shootings, bombings, and other disruptions which made the city had less and less community’s activity every year. When I had my project there I could see that my artwork could make a little change in the atmosphere and get people out of their homes to hang out, participate in conversations and so on.

«Desde el barrio al cielo» by Jay Kaes

The piece I will choose is “Desde el barrio al Cielo” and it was painted in a small neighbourhood of Patras city in Greece. I painted a kid jumping in a puddle in the wall next to a playground so maybe it extended the playground area to the citizens making the area a bit more fun.

«Portrait 4#» by La dame qui colle

I chose the 4 # portrait. Drawing of a woman who falls and seems to get up. It is human-sized, it marks the existence of a woman in this place, in this street. It is a trompe l’oeil of reality. My job is to make people believe that the person is there and exists at that moment.
• To transform the space or to show what you cannot see there.

«Rainbow Tetris» by Lara Padilla

This piece was part of the II Edition of “CI Urban Fest de Cultura Inquieta” and we were intervening on the walls of a Sports Center. It was a very beautiful experience for me because of the fact of sharing it with the people on the street and with the other artists who participated. We could see how the space was filled with color with all the works of different styles and techniques.

«Black, like crows» by D.Largo

The work prints an emotion in the utilitarian, it tells us a story, and that is the only narrative I am looking for. It arose as a result of extreme negativity in my life, I was in a cafeteria having breakfast and I took out a notebook, I heard the cawing of some crows and I drew several of them complaining and screaming. its creation? It was the local council along with the festival organizers who gave me the wall. Can we consider this work as illegal / vandalism or legal, what is your criterion? It is a legal job.

«Entrée dans le tableau» by Oblique

I chose to present my installation for the Mister Freeze festival in Montauban. For me it is a work in 3 dimensions of the artwork, it is no longer just a wall covering but a work in volume. As I said previously, it’s part of a street art festival, it’s a job where I was paid and which is therefore legal. I made this installation because I wanted to get out of the flat wall, I wanted people to be able to enter my work and walk between my forms.

«Duality» by Erb Mon

Duality is a geometric mural with many references to science. The neighborhood that houses it is one of the epicenters of migrations in Spain, where different nationalities and very conservative cultures coexist such as gypsies, Arabs, Hindus … The design had a very strong visual impact because we are talking about people whose graphic references are basically documentaries and therefore totally figurative.


I choose «Puas» this work for me meant finding the aesthetic direction that we had been looking for as Grupo SISMO for a long time. I believe that the transformation of urban space occurs whenever a work intervenes in its architecture, in some way a blank wall or an element of the street goes from being something unknown to being communicating and connecting with people through the power of the symbol or of the intervention. What could previously be a ruined or mossy wall becomes a point where people now take photos, that seems incredible to me. I think there is an alchemical process there, as if lead turns into gold.