«Black, like crows» by D.Largo

The work prints an emotion in the utilitarian, it tells us a story, and that is the only narrative I am looking for. It arose as a result of extreme negativity in my life, I was in a cafeteria having breakfast and I took out a notebook, I heard the cawing of some crows and I drew several of them complaining and screaming. its creation? It was the local council along with the festival organizers who gave me the wall. Can we consider this work as illegal / vandalism or legal, what is your criterion? It is a legal job.


Interview with D.Largo – «I am a very mental person who is always in search of new formulas, I am very in touch with my spiritual dimension. My projects have to do with my internal dimension, with worlds parallel to ours, they always deal with the most internal dimensions of the human.»

«Entrée dans le tableau» by Oblique

I chose to present my installation for the Mister Freeze festival in Montauban. For me it is a work in 3 dimensions of the artwork, it is no longer just a wall covering but a work in volume. As I said previously, it’s part of a street art festival, it’s a job where I was paid and which is therefore legal. I made this installation because I wanted to get out of the flat wall, I wanted people to be able to enter my work and walk between my forms.


Interview with Oblique – «I am Romain L. aka Oblique, I live in Toulouse in the South of France. I’m a graffiti artist that I have been practicing for over 20 years. I have taken a new direction for 3 years now with my artistic project “oblique “ which revolves around post graffiti, graphical and abstract art.»

«Duality» by Erb Mon

Duality is a geometric mural with many references to science. The neighborhood that houses it is one of the epicenters of migrations in Spain, where different nationalities and very conservative cultures coexist such as gypsies, Arabs, Hindus … The design had a very strong visual impact because we are talking about people whose graphic references are basically documentaries and therefore totally figurative.


Interview with Erb Mon – «I wrote with encrypted languages on the walls in an illegal way, I was very influenced by Futurism and I liked to paint in the midst of destruction, of the abandoned.»


I choose «Puas» this work for me meant finding the aesthetic direction that we had been looking for as Grupo SISMO for a long time. I believe that the transformation of urban space occurs whenever a work intervenes in its architecture, in some way a blank wall or an element of the street goes from being something unknown to being communicating and connecting with people through the power of the symbol or of the intervention. What could previously be a ruined or mossy wall becomes a point where people now take photos, that seems incredible to me. I think there is an alchemical process there, as if lead turns into gold.


Interview with Grupo Sismo – «I like to think about every part of the process, from the color palette and climates, to what story as a game, each character has that I can paint. I like to see all my projects as a challenge, an opportunity to challenge myself in something and break with some idea or limit.»

«2 Portals» by Betan Prismas

Under the bridge October 9 of Turiá Garden, on the wall just below the architect Calatraba made his first bridge in the city of Valencia, it was a space where no one went or sat, people passed by and did not stop; until that anonymous, empty and gray space now has life, color, and generates other points of view, gives a new context. People passed by and did not stop; Now it has not only become an artistic space but it has also allowed people to be in it, sit, rest, meet up with, contemplate, and has generated an environment and background for photographs and videos in this media world.

Betan Prismas

Interview with Betan Prismas- «I am a very sensitive, active person with a high sense of aesthetics, who has always found pleasure in everything that represents or is in balance and harmony; projecting that energy into my creative projects, whether in painting, drawing, photography or working as an art director for publicity, videos and Films. Have been the tools and medias with which I have experimented the most over the years.»