«Hope» by MRKAS

“Hope” was painted in a bomb shelter in Israel and it represents a child inside the bomb shelter looking up with expressive eyes looking up to the sky with the hope that rockets don’t come again.


Interview with MRKAS. May 2020.
Visually I like the idea of deconstructing an image and turning it into something mine, creating 3D effects, abstract patterns or anamorphic shapes all in a photorealistic technique.

«Mural at KURA Festival» by YVES PARADIS

I prefer to let it age and evolve with its environment. Wall paintings have more of an organic life and will change over time in a natural way. And exterior wall paintings are harder to preserve due to erosion and other degradation factors.


Interview with Yves Paradis. Animation allowed me to express my interest for acting and giving life to inanimate things. And since my animation work is mainly done digitally, street art helps me to reconnect with the analogue way of creating while being outside.