«Desde el barrio al cielo» by Jay Kaes

Interview about his project «Desde el barrio al cielo»

Name of the Street Art piece that has modified the urban space: Desde el barrio al cielo

Location : Patras / Greece

Year : 2020

1- If you had to choose a Street Art piece that you created, as a transformation of the urban space, which one would you choose? How does this Street Art piece denote urban space metamorphosis?

The piece I will choose is “Desde el barrio al Cielo” and it was painted in a small neighbourhood of Patras city in Greece. I painted a kid jumping in a puddle in the wall next to a playground so maybe it extended the playground area to the citizens making the area a bit more fun.

Jay Kaes – «Desde el cielo al barrio» – https://www.instagram.com/jaycaes/– 2020 Patras, Greece

2- Why did you make this Street Art piece in this urban space? Was it the town hall or the property owner who authorized or asked you to create it? Can we consider this work as illegal/vandalism or legal, what is your criteria?

This piece was legal, authorised by the town council and building owners as part of a project called ArtWalk 5 . The location of the piece is on a historical playground for kids that has been
renewed over the years but never changed location.

3- What is the message you want to communicate through this Street Art piece? Is it related to the urban space where you did it?

I don’t know what people feel when viewing the mural but in my mind I wanted to motivate citizens to enjoy the location. Desde el barrio al Cielo is a Spanish ( From the neighbourhood to the sky ) sentence that means something like doesn’t matter where you start you can still reach
your goals.

Jay Kaes – «Desde el cielo al barrio» – https://www.instagram.com/jaycaes/– 2020 Patras, Greece

4- How was this work integrated into the urban space? What was the interaction that the inhabitants of this city had with your project? Did they participate in its creation?

The work was integrated into the form of the building using the form and stripes in the wall as
glitches. I had the help and collaboration of the people behind Artwalk 5. The citizens can interact with their phones with an AR animation that makes the kid move.

Jay Kaes – «Desde el cielo al barrio» – https://www.instagram.com/jaycaes/– 2020 Patras, Greece

5- Do you think it is important that the local people participate during the production of your work and that they become artists modifying the urban space or do you prefer to carry out your projects alone without anyone seeing you?

I don’t think It is important to make the citizens paint for the mural to be part of the community.
We are all citizens and we can collaborate painting or not but the most important thing is to be respectful and let the painting speak by itself.

6- According to you, what is the criteria that determines your Street Art work modifies the urban space and why is your work considered aesthetically well done?

I think of my murals as opportunities to open debates and help people think outside the box, To me, it makes sense in the urban environment opposite to adverts and grey walls.. Aesthetics are a whole new world as everyone has one but not everyone thinks the same so it is really difficult
to be aesthetically well done to everyone, better be true to yourself.

Jay Kaes – «Desde el cielo al barrio» – https://www.instagram.com/jaycaes/– 2020 Patras, Greece

7-What is the “historical future” of your work? Should we take care of it, preserve it and repaint it as if it were a museum’s piece of art? Or should it be allowed to age with the city itself?

I work in many different mediums, some pieces are done to last, like the canvas paintings or more portable creations, but my mural work has its own life, sometimes will last for many years, other times only hours, it is part of the city and can change with it.

Jay Kaes – «Desde el cielo al barrio» – https://www.instagram.com/jaycaes/– 2020 Patras, Greece

8- How does your work add value to the urban space in which it is produced?

I think art is the beginning of change and murals in the urban spaces have a better opportunity
to reach more public, so I guess it is not only an aesthetic value but a democratic value too.

Jay Kaes – «Desde el cielo al barrio» – https://www.instagram.com/jaycaes/– 2020 Patras, Greece

9- What were the difficulties that you encountered during the completion of your work modifying the urban space?

Mural was painted during Covid so I had many regulations to follow before arriving to Greece
from the UK, Once I have arrived there everyone was really helpful and supportive so they motivated me to Finish the work in 5 days while enjoying the community and weather.

10- Why is urban art important to modify the urban space? What sort of projects are you planning to do in the future ?

I think Urban Art is important to help the citizens claim the positive use of a community’s public
space increasing their sense of belonging. I’m always open to all kind of projects so diversity helps me growing.

Interview conducted by Art Bill – journalist and owner of Street Art In Action.

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